Welcome to our Office of Institutional Affairs

The Office of Institutional Affairs is devoted to perfecting the experience of our university exchange students in Uruguay and Latin America. Our excellent relationship with each organization and individual that we work with on a daily basis is what sets us apart as an innovative organization dedicated to improving Uruguay's ability to become the friendliest country in Latin America for all university exchange students by 2012.To achieve this, we partner with leaders from the academic, public and private sectors :

Our alliances with local universities position us as the leading services provider for exchange students in Uruguay. Our organization is trusted and recommended by these universities to their exchange students.

The Minister of Education, Minister of Foreign Relations, Minister of Tourism and Sports and the Minister of Economics have all signed official declarations of interest supporting Uabroad.org's activities. Most recently, Uabroad.org hosted a round-table meeting with the Ministry of Tourism and Sport. It brought together the private, public and academic sectors together in a landmark discussion in which the proposal of a student visa in Uruguay was opened for development.

The synergies created between our corporate partners are invaluable links in our ability to provide services for our clients and the universities that host them. Uabroad.org participates in at least one event, conference, or meeting per month. We communicate these activities to our supporters and students through a monthly newsletter.