We know how complicated is to open an account when you are a foreign. That is why we partner with Santander Universidades to allow you all the discounts and promotions with a FREE and SECURE Card for your semester in Uruguay. Just fill the next form and you can pick up your Ucard within 48 hs.


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Santander Ucard means:

+ FREE Checking & Savings Account in American Dollars and Uruguayan Pesos with no minimum balance required conditions and FREE transactions through BANRED network

+CHARGE FREE shopping in Uruguay and worldwide

+DISCOUNTS in the best places in Uruguay

+Automatic Debit of Utilities and Expenses (UTE, OSE, ANTEL, GASEBA, MOVISTAR, ANCEL, BSE, Tributos de la Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo, TV Cable, y los pagos de tarjetas Santander, VISA y MasterCard)

+24/7 Santander Service

+You can cancel it anytime