Uruguay’s history, culture and universities position the MERCOSUR capital Montevideo as the College Town to be when considering to study abroad in Latinamerica.

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Visa Information

For most of the countries in America and Europe no visa is required to visit Uruguay.

In case that a visa is required to enter Uruguay, the students should obtain it in their home country. We recommend asking for this information in the travel agency or in the nearest Uruguayan consulate.

The entrance documentation could be the passport or, for citizens from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile, the national identity cards.

In Uruguay, there is no special visa for students. They arrive to Uruguay as common tourists and may legally stay in the country for a period of 90 days. Once this time limit expires, the students should visit the National Immigration Office, located in the old city of Montevideo (Misiones 1513, phone 916 04 71) where they will be able to easily renew their visa for another period of time.

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